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Was the “Lets Move” Campaign a Failure, or are You a Bad Parent?

Was the “Let’s Move” campaign a failure? Kids are getting fatter than ever and it’s Michelle Obama’s fault, according to anybody without any common sense.


Let's Move The obesity rate among adults rose to 27.7 percent, up from 25.5 percent in 2008, marking another heavyweight failure of big progressive government.


I agree 1000% that obesity rates are a huge failure for our government, but it’s pretty crazy to just blame the whole thing on one person. So why was “Let’s Move” such a failure? Isn’t it true that “eat less move more” the universal secret to weight loss and better health?


“There are clear, concrete steps we can take as a society to help our children reach adulthood at a healthy weight… that taken together, will put our country on track to solving the problem of childhood obesity,”


Let’s be real here. There are steps that we can take to help end child and adult obesity, but who is preaching them? This idea that moving a bit more and eating less is a magic cure-all for obesity is crazy. There are over 30,000 health clubs in America as of 2012, with over 50 million active members. There are over 78 million obese people in the United States alone and foods marked “low fat” are on every shelf of every grocery store in most any neighborhood in the country.


The Let’s Move Campaign Was Originally About Food


If you listen to the words that Michelle Obama says in her original “Let’s Move” speech to the Grocery Manufacturers Association (the people that make our food) she talks a lot about added sugars, salts and fats and how food companies could help the problem by reducing those. In here speech she asks the people that make all of our food to limit their advertising to children and to find healthy foods to advertise to them if they must.


She asks them to stop removing fat only to add salt and sugar and she even asks them to stop adding tiny amounts of healthy ingredients and then claiming a healthy food. You know what this means. It’s kind of like label on a box of sugary kids cereal that makes a big mention of the 1% of vitamin A that has been added to the box.

Lucky charms is loaded with sugar but it has whole grains

Whole Grain is the 1st ingredient…and sugar is the 2nd and 3rd



So what happened to all of this? Why is the Let’s Move campaign now almost completely about exercise? In her speech she does mention a need for exercise which is very important to human health, but if you read the words she is clearly emphasizing nutrition.


The real truth is that once the food manufacturers process what Mrs. Obama was saying they freaked out. They probably saw the loss of billions of dollars from not being able to sell sugary foods to kids anymore and they started making threats. I don’t know this happened, but I can make a good guess and I really doubt it’s anything else going on.


The food manufacturers probably said something along the lines of “shut up about unhealthy food or we won’t be giving your administration any more money”. That wouldn’t surprise me one bit and I would be really shocked to find out that she just changed her whole agenda after giving a speech like that.


 The truth is that the “Let’s Move” campaign was originally about the unhealthy food that our kids and adults are eating in massive quantities. That food is absolutely killing millions of people and nobody is doing anything about it. And whenever someone of power tries to do something about it their efforts are squashed under the weight of billions of dollars in food money that comes from selling cheap foods that are addictive to kids who love sugar.


Exercise is great for health, but have you ever tried it for weight loss? I know it’s possible to lose weight by exercising, but it’s almost impossible. And if you are able to do it, chances are that the weight will come back on the second you stop the routine. Kids are obese because of terrible food that is in every corner of the grocery store. And because of confusing food labels and bad health advice from a lot of experts who don’t have a clue, we have a lot of fat and sick kids.


What do you think? Is it Mrs. Obama’s fault that this campaign didn’t work, or is it possible that the quality of food available to kids is to blame? Or maybe it’s just bad parenting! Either way, leave a comment below because I want to know what you are thinking!



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