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Special K Releases New Superfood (Super-Sugary) Cereal, Special K Nourish

Do you love hot cereal or breakfast bars? Well, don’t eat these ones if you value your health and your weight!


Special K Nourish has a lot of added sugar

The Kellogg’s company has released it’s newest “superfood” hot cereal, called Special K Nourish™ which they say is a blend of superfoods so that you can “take care of yourself from the inside out”. If taking care of yourself from the inside out means getting sick with diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, high blood pressure and a slew of other illnesses as well as metabolic syndrome, then I suppose this cereal will do the trick.


According to their company website, Kellogg’s says that “As a socially responsible company, we aim to nourish our consumers, employees, customers, communities and the environment so that they can flourish and thrive”.


According to the nutritional information on their website, at www.specialk.com/en_us/nourish-nutrition.html their hot cereals have anywhere from 2.75 to 3 teaspoons of sugar per serving. I applaud their effort to show that their Nourish cereal is better than say the leading national brand or McDonalds, that by no means makes it a healthy, nourishing breakfast food.


What they have essentially done here is very simple, in terms of marketing at least. They have taken a lot of hot buzz-words like quinoa, superfood, barley and whole grain wheat and added all of those things together to make their hot cereal. Those products are mostly fine on their own, but that’s not the issue here for me and for sick people all over the country and globe.


What is important is the sugar.


Sugar is a poison!


The World Health Organization has drafted a guideline that says that they recommend no more than 25 grams of sugar per day for an average adult. If you do the math, this is about equal to 6 teaspoons. Currently, Americans are consuming in excess of 150 pounds of sugar per year. Obesity is at an all time high, and the chances that you know at least one person who is sick with pre-diabetes, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease or any number of other diseases is very high.


Is correlation the same as causation? No, it is not, but are you going to risk it just to eat some hot cereal made by a corporation that has no true interest in your health?


Now let’s take another look at this cereal for a second, shall we? One single serving has 3 grams of sugar, depending on which flavor you pick. So now, it’s 9:00 am and you have already had 50% of your recommended daily sugar intake from one tiny bowl of hot cereal.


Are You Still Confused About Why Obesity Is a National Epidemic?


It is no shocker to hear about sugar being generally bad for your health or your teeth, but there is so much more to it than that. Sugar, more specifically high fructose corn syrup is being added to our food supply in massive quantities and it is absolutely killing us. A Princeton study in which groups of rats were given either a solution of granulated (regular) sugar in water vs rats who were given high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) had some shocking results.


In simple terms, the rats who consumed the HFCS not only gained more weight, but they showed early signs, in only 6 months of developing metabolic syndrome. And this is what is being added to this new cereal that everyone is raving about. This is what Kellogg’s wants you to eat, every single day of your life. There is nothing nourishing about this cereal, even if it does have a few chunks of quinoa and barley.


You can easily make your own cereal out of the same ingredients, minus the added HFCS and get a much better start to your day. The takeaway of this is that you must be in control of your health. You can’t rely on me, or anyone else to do this for you. You have to read labels and question every single thing you read when it comes to the food you eat.


If there are added sugars, you don’t need that food. It’s that simple and doing this one little thing will change your life for the better. You will not get the same benefits from counting calories, fat grams or sodium.




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