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About Plant Based Synergy


Hello and welcome!


Are you thinking about starting a plant based diet? If you have been thinking about it but aren’t sure this site is for you. A plant based diet is a really easy way to become healthier, lose weight and feel better…but it can be confusing when you are new.


But you’re probably wondering…


Who is this guy?


I’m Wally and I lost 70 pounds on a plant based diet and lowered my triglycerides from over 500 to 154 in a pretty short amount of time. 


But it wasn’t easy..


I had no idea what to eat, when to eat it, if it was healthy for me or if it was going to taste like a shoe.


It wasn’t easy! But I figured enough out to keep going and then I learned more and more and now I know everything. Well, maybe not everything but I know enough to keep myself from gaining any weight again.


I didn’t create this website to sell you a bunch of diet scams and pills and other junk that doesn’t work for anybody. I created this site to help you figure all of this out. Sometimes, just getting some help with a meal plan or learning which foods are not as healthy as you may have thought is enough to keep you going on a new way of eating.


And a plant based diet will be a new way of eating for you. This is not a “diet” that you go on for a little while…it is a change that you make today so that you can feel and look better.


2019 UPDATE.


About 2 years ago I started gaining some of my weight back. After gaining about 30 of the 70 pounds back that I’d lost I decided I needed a change. So I got rid of the sugar and junk and got back to eating whole, plant based foods.


And guess what?

I lost the weight again!


Now there’s no question. When foods with sugar enter my body they turn to fat. When whole foods enter my body the fat melts off. And I want to help you see how this can work for you too.


You don’t have to struggle with weight. You don’t have to count calories and weight your food. You don’t have to go to the gym for hours a day.


You can eat good, healthy food and the weight will come off. And I’d like to help you.