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Plant Based Diet

What is a Plant Based Diet?


No, you will not have to eat the plants in your living room if you go on a plant based diet. There are so many confusions about what a plant based diet is and what it isn’t that a lot of people are scared to try it. You don’t have to be scared of a plant based diet though, because since you are on my site, you have great information on what you can expect from eating in this way.Plant based diet foods


A plant based diet, or a whole foods plant based diet as it is often called is very simply a way of eating living things that grow in the ground. Basically, it is the exact opposite of an animal based diet, which is what a majority of Americans are eating these days (hence the rising obesity rates). So in case you are still confused, it is a NO MEAT DIET!


I know the thought of never eating that steak or chicken is probably killing you right now, but let me tell you the honest truth. Once you stop eating animal protein and start educating yourself about the links between diet and heart disease and a ton of other illnesses, you won’t want meat again! And if you don’t think that is true, wait until the weight starts melting off of your body in a hurry and then decide.


Where Will I Get My Protein?!


Great question. The fact is, that plant based foods have a ton of protein in them if you know which ones to eat. And to be honest, it’s really not any work to get the protein you need without even paying much attention to your diet. There is absolutely no need to eat pounds of red meat and other foods that are terrible for your health when you can get the protein your body needs from plant foods.


High Protein Diet Foods


If anyone tries to tell you that you have to eat a 32oz steak to get your protein, they are not to be listened to. If you think you will become weak if you aren’t eating an entire buffalo for lunch, that isn’t going to happen at all! Here is a really short list of delicious foods that are packed full of protein just to give you an idea of where you can get your daily protein.


Avocado – Avocado’s are probably the best tasting plant food on earth. Don’t ever listen to any stupid human being who tries to tell you that avocado’s are high in fat and therefore unhealthy! You could never in a million years become obese and sick from eating avocado’s, but you may go broke eating too many of them.


Quinoa – Quinoa (pronounced KEEN WA) is a whole grain that is not like other grains. First of all, humans don’t feed quinoa to livestock to fatten them up before slaughter, because quinoa wouldn’t work for that purpose. There are a million recipes for quinoa, and cooking it is so easy you won’t believe it, and it tastes awesome!


Peanut Butter – You already know that peanut butter is high in protein, but you have to be careful where you get it from. If you buy the store bought brand of peanut butter, you will be eating a little bit of protein and a ton of sugar. And since sugar is ultimately the reason you are sick and overweight, you will want to get a high quality peanut butter that isn’t loaded with any (or much) sugar if you can find it.


Peas – Peas have a ton of essential vitamins, and if cooked right they taste great. I don’t mean canned, mushy peas either, I mean real peas that you buy and cook yourself.


Coconut Milk – You have no idea how awesome coconut milk is do you? I didn’t either, but I learned and now I love the stuff. You can make the most incredible shakes and treats with coconut milk and fresh coconut you won’t even believe they are healthy. Just like the avocado, people will try to tell you that coconuts are high in fat and should not be eaten. Your goal is to never listen to those people, because they are very likely fat and sick and have no idea what they are talking about.


Spinach – Spinach is awesome! You can buy the stuff and make salads with it, or you can cook it in any number of delicious ways. You can not go wrong when you incorporate a lot of spinach into your diet, and even people who are not the biggest fan of green foods can tolerate it’s mild flavor.


Where Will I Get My Calcium?


It is simply not true that you must drink your cow milk to get the calcium that you need for your bones. Milk comes from animals, and animals make humans sick and fat! Think about those hormones and antibiotics that (non-organic) farmers are giving to their cattle to ward off disease (that comes from them being packed too tightly in tiny pens) that you are putting in your body when you drink milk.


Since the idea is for you to not be sick and fat anymore, you will be happy to know that you can get your calcium from these wonderful sources:


Almonds – UN-salted RAW almonds have the calcium you need without the chemicals you don’t. Oh yea, they are also freakin amazing to eat. And in case you are getting sick of coconut milk, you won’t believe how good almond milk is to drink or cook with.


Oranges – You can’t go wrong with oranges in your diet. From vitamin C to calcium to great tasting juice and food, the orange is one of the best foods our planet grows for us humans to enjoy.


Spinach – You already know how I feel about spinach, and now here is another reason to enjoy it!


Broccoli – I love broccoli. It is really mild raw or cooked, and for the person who isn’t yet a huge fan of vegetables, broccoli tastes great and of course is loaded with the calcium your body needs.


Celery – Celery is such an easy and great food to snack on. If you already bought some high quality peanut butter for your protein, just add some to a stalk of celery for a treat that is really great.


There you have it! A whole foods plant based diet is not that scary is it? You won’t die from lack of vitamins, minerals, calcium or protein if you are eating a plant based diet, not by a long shot. What you WILL lose is a ton of weight and health issues if you start eating this way. Sure it’s scary at first, but in a very quick period of time when you are feeling great, you will wonder why you ever ate meat in the first place.