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The Only Healthy Eating Tips You Will Ever Need to be Healthy

Are you searching for healthy eating tips for weight loss, better health or just because you are tired of feeling like crap? What does it even mean to eat healthy food anyway? If you are one of the many people today who are totally confused about what is healthy to eat and what is not, this post is for you!

Healthy eating tips - berries


In this post you will learn:


  • Healthy foods to eat for weight loss and better health


  • “Healthy” foods to avoid because they are not healthy at all


  • Other weight loss myths that are ruining your life and making you gain weight


If you follow the advice in this article you will lose weight because these are the only healthy eating tips you will ever need!



The reason that you and so many others have so much trouble losing weight and being healthy is because of the lack of good information available. One day Dr. Oz is telling you that if you take his exotic fruit extract you will lose weight, and the next day you have the food companies telling you that you should eat foods that are low in fat or fat free. All of these things and many more are simply wrong, and will only make you fatter.


Not anymore!


So let’s get to it. What you are about to read is a road map that you can use for weight loss, better health and freedom from lies and terrible information. If you follow these steps, tips and tricks you will experience weight loss, period!



Healthy eating tip 1: Make small changes and add to them as you learn more

It is not easy to wake up tomorrow and change every single thing about the way you eat. But if you take any of these tips and apply them you off to a great start. As you become comfortable with finding new foods to replace old, unhealthy ones, make another change and continue until gaining weight isn’t even possible anymore. To start your weight loss journey, pick one of the following tips and follow it starting right now and add the others as you are more comfortable.


Healthy eating tip 2: Stop counting calories

counting calories for weight loss sucks

It is time to stop with all of this nonsense about counting calories. To look at weight loss and health in terms of calories in and calories out with simple math is only making the world a fatter and sicker place. Simply put, all calories are not equal, and assuming they are will not help you one bit.


Let me explain this. There are 234 calories in an avocado, and there are 182 calories in a regular can of Coke. So I guess drinking a Coke is healthier than the avocado because it has less calories right? The “experts” tell us that eating less calories and burning more will be equal to weight loss, so it must be this simple, right?




Let’s look at the leading cause of obesity and disease in our world today (sugar), and the amount of it in both of these items.


[table id=1 /]


Take a look at this really simple information in front of you for a second. Do you think that more obese people are eating more avocados, or drinking more Cokes? Your answer will tell you instantly that it is not as simple as cutting calories. If that were the case, and if calories were the main reason for obesity, then the Coke would be the clear winner, wouldn’t it?


When you eat the best foods that you can find (which I will show you how to do) you will never again in your entire life worry about counting a single calorie, because they do not matter when it comes to weight loss.


Healthy eating tip 3: Eat as much as you want of the worlds best foods

Fresh vegetables are great for your health

What? Aren’t I supposed to cut down on my eating and my calories? Won’t I get fatter if I eat more?


Ask any weight loss expert what they key is to weight loss and you will likely not get a very good answer. And most experts will simply tell you the same boring thing you’ve heard a million times before…


Eat less

Exercise more

Count calories

Get more sleep

Try expensive potions and extracts

Run 50,00 miles

Never eat again


And countless other bits of bad advice that won’t help you at all. Let me ask you something. Have you ever been on a diet? If so, were you told to eat less and exercise more? Did it work?


It didn’t work, did it? Were you hungry?


Of course it didn’t work, and of course you were STARVING TO DEATH am I right? That’s because “eating less” is lame advice that you no longer need. Does this mean I am telling you to eat 12 pizzas today and you will lose weight? Of course not. What I am telling you is that when you eat foods that every cell in your body is craving, you can have as much of them as you want. Let’s do a comparison for a second here.


Which of these two scenarios do you think would be easier to stick to for any period of time?


Scenario 1: You eat several small meals throughout the day. You eat low fat or no fat options and you go to the gym 4 hours a week. At the end of 1 month you are cranky, tired, hungry as hell and you haven’t lost a pound. Sounds pretty fun right?


Scenario 2: You eat truly healthy and also delicious food items that feed every single cell in your body. These foods are so delicious that you want to eat more of them, so you do. You eat as much as you feel like eating and you are never wanting for food. At the end of 1 month you have lost 10 pounds and you are feeling better than you have in a long time.


Which of these sounds like more fun to you? Which of these do you think is realistic to do and actually get results? WHICH ONE OF THESE WOULD YOU STICK WITH FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?


You absolutely do not need to starve to lose weight, I promise you that.


Healthy eating tip 4: Do not believe the protein hype

You don't need protein from animals



I no longer eat meat with the exception of fish a few (2 – 3) times a month. I do not use any type of protein supplement and I do not make protein shakes. I also do not eat eggs, yet I am magically not dying from lack of protein. I am not weak, and I am not brittle. In fact, I feel 100% fine and I am also 70lbs lighter than I was in the old days when I would eat “lean” meats such as chicken and turkey.


I am not here to convince you to stop eating meat. There is plenty of data that shows a link between diets heavy in animal protein and obesity, sickness and disease. If you want to eat meat, that is ok with me! Although I do not believe in “lean” meats, I do believe there are meats that are better for you than others. If you must eat meat as part of your diet, try organic turkey or chicken in place of red meat (beef, bison, buffalo …etc).


The reason you want to eat organic turkey or chicken is pretty simple. If you are not eating organic fowl (birds) than you are eating growth hormones and antibiotics that they fed those animals. They cram 100 chickens in a pen where 25 chickens are supposed to go and as a result they end up sick. To help these animals feel better they are given powerful antibiotics, which make their way into every fiber of their body…where at the end of the cycle you eat it.


Make no mistake, antibiotics are dangerous to take, so if you can avoid them as much as humanly possible you are going to live longer and feel better.


If you choose to stop eating meat, or you currently do not eat meat there is not any need to worry! You will get the protein you need from vegetables, fruits and foods like beans, lentils, quinoa (keen-wah) and a ton of others. Need proof? Here is a very short list of fruits and vegetables and other foods that will give you all the protein you could ever need to be healthy and strong.


Eating fruit is great for your health

Dried apricots





Passion fruit




super vegetables



Chickpeas (garbanzo beans)



Sun dried tomatoes




Protein from quinoa

Sprouted grain bread






And please don’t think you have to make one of those “tofurkys” you have seen that looks like a big sponge. You may love tofu or you may hate it, but luckily for you there are so many places to get protein from you will not be forced to eat anything you do not like just to get your protein.


Healthy eating tip 5: Eat vegetables and fruits

I know you have heard this one, but don’t skip ahead yet. There is something you have to know about vegetables and fruits that you may not know now.


They are delicious!


Still with me? Great. I always get annoyed when I see this “tip” without any other explanation or information. Of course fruits and vegetables are great for your health and your weight, but who gets excited by the thought of eating a raw carrot WITHOUT ranch dressing?


The truth is there are tons of fruits and vegetables that are insanely good to eat, and you don’t need ranch dressing loaded with sugar and chemicals to enjoy them. What you may not realize now, but you will, is that once your taste buds get used to eating natural foods things taste sweeter and better. And when you are eating foods that fuel your body you start feeling better about eating them. So a plate full of steamed broccoli is very delicious because it makes both your mind and your body feel good.


But I get it…you don’t want to eat a boring apple or carrot, so what is there to look forward to? Here are some delicious ways to get more fruits and vegetables that are really easy and delicious.


Oranges – When is the last time you had a really ripe orange? If it’s been a while, I assure you that you are missing out on a treat that is loaded with natural sugar, and of course vitamins and minerals that your body is craving.


Bananas – My favorite snack right now is a ripe banana with some organic, natural peanut butter (peanuts, salt) on it. If you are thinking that the peanut butter is loaded with fat and you can’t have it, you have not been paying attention to me!


Apples – I eat an apple every single morning for breakfast with peanut butter and it is awesome. It fills me up for a while and it takes 20 seconds to make for myself.


Pineapple – Have you ever had a pineapple that didn’t come in a can of sugar water? I can’t begin to tell you how amazing a ripe pineapple tastes. “


But what about the sugar….eeewie there’s sugar in pineapple!” Who cares! First of all, fruit sugar is natural sugar that isn’t processed in some factory like the typical soda. Second of all, when you eat a piece of fruit your body has to digest some fiber, which makes that sugar enter your blood stream slower than if you drink that soda. So the next time someone tells you to avoid fruits because they have too much sugar don’t listen.


Broccoli/Asparagus/Cauliflower – While raw vegetables will give you the most nutrients, it is fine to steam them or cook them slowly if that is the only way you are going to eat them. Even if you lose some nutrients in the cooking process, you are still doing ten times better than if you had eaten some processed garbage from any fast food restaurant or boxed up “food” from the store.


Eggplant – YUCK RIGHT? I am not a fan of eggplant, but recently tried eggplant parmesan with organic (no sugar or chemicals) pasta sauce and quinoa pasta and it was amazing.


The truth is I could make this list almost endless. Once you begin to look at fruits and vegetables in a different way your taste buds will appreciate them more. I used to not be the biggest fan of most vegetables and most fruits to be honest, but now I can’t get enough. Oh, and you can shovel as much of these foods as you can fit in your mouth.



eat the rainbow vegetables and fruits

It’s great to eat an apple every day but you are going to need to mix it up a little bit. Different colored vegetables and fruits mean different vitamins and minerals for your body. The best way to get everything your body craves so much (and is missing in your current diet) is to “eat the rainbow” to make sure you are getting the most benefit out of eating fruits and veggies.


Red: The plant pigments lycopene and anthocyanins are responsible for the red color in fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefruit, beets, red cabbage and many others have been shown to reduce the risk of certain types of cancers and also contain antioxidants that help protect your cells from damage.


Orange/Yellow: Orange or yellow fruits and vegetables are typically colored by the natural plant pigments called carotenoids and can be found in many varieties such as: yellow apples, apricots, lemons, pineapple, pumpkin, carrots, oranges and many others. These carotenoids have been shown to help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and can even prevent macular degeneration which can lead to blindness.


Would you think about eating more oranges if it would help you see the world?


Green: The natural plant pigment chlorophyll is the reason we have green fruits and vegetables, and you definitely want to include some of the following foods in your daily diet: spinach, peas, cucumber, celery, asparagus, green beans, limes, green grapes, kiwi, lettuce, artichokes and plenty more are a great source of chlorophyll. And guess what? Eating these foods can help prevent certain types of cancer and can prevent against birth defects.


Blue/Purple: The natural plant pigment anthocyanins is responsible for purple fruits and veggies such as: blackberries, blueberries, eggplant, plums, prunes and more and as you may have guessed, these are some healthy foods. You may have already guessed that eating this color of foods will help prevent heart disease, cancer and stroke. Oh, and it has been shown that eating blueberries can improve your memory as you get older.


White: The pigments called anthoxanthins are responsible for the following white fruits and veggies: garlic, cauliflower, grapes, onions, mushrooms and more. I bet by now you already know that eating this color can lower the risk of cancer, stroke, heart disease and can lower your blood pressure.


But wait, can’t I just get my vitamins from taking a daily multivitamin? NO! If you can remember always that if it comes from a processing plant it is not healthy for you and it will not do for you what real foods can. I don’t care if Dr. Oz is selling it as extract from one or all of these fruits, or some newly discovered “secret exotic fruit” it is 100% not going to make you healthy unless you eat it fresh!


Healthy eating tip 6: Forget about counting grams of carbohydrates from healthy sources

Rainbow chard has healthy carbs


Ok, this doesn’t mean you can have all the carbs you want. And I am NOT saying go on any kind of low-carb diet. What I am saying is that if you look at carbohydrates from healthy sources such as sprouted grain bread, whole grains and vegetables you will not need to worry for a second. If you are going to be eating carbs in the form of white breads, pasta or cookies then yes, carbs are not going to be good for you because they are going to turn into sugar instantly in your body.


Some worry-free sources of carbohydrates that you can eat are: Quinoa, long grain rice, beans, steel cut oatmeal and so many others. The trick is to find out if the carb you are planning to eat is a white processed carb or a natural carb, and if it’s processed you will not benefit from it.



Healthy eating tip 7: Fats don’t make you fat, so eat healthy ones

Avocados are healthy fats that you can eat


The most annoying weight loss “tip” I read constantly is “eat less fat”. That is a blanket statement that is really stupid to me. So instead of just spending the rest of your life avoiding grams of fat and getting fatter let’s take a look at the truth about fat grams, and eating foods with fat in them.


Did you know the reason that obesity rates are higher than ever? Let me tell you right off the bat that it has nothing to do with the amount of fat grams you are eating. How could it? Let’s look at some simple information to see why fat isn’t making and keeping you fat.


Is it hard to find fat-free, or reduced fat food in your grocery store? No, right? You can pretty much find any food item today available in fat-free or lowered fat form if you look for longer than 1 second. So if all of the food you are eating had the fat taken out of it then why are people so fat? How can fat grams in food be causing obesity if the fat is not there? Do you think that if you eat a Lean Pocket™ you are going to lose weight and be healthy?


NO! But you will be sick to your stomach and you will gain weight!


Can I eat fat or not?




Ok, but this doesn’t mean that you can now eat any food in the world as long as it’s the full fat version! You still have to look at other nutritional factors, but you can eat foods that have fat in them if they are otherwise considered healthy by “experts”.

Healthy foods that are high in fat, but will NOT make you fat:

Avocados: This is the big one. Avocados are so good for you it’s unreal, and as a nice bonus they are the best tasting fruit on the planet. So the next time someone tells you that you can’t have an avocado because they are “fattening” please walk away from them and never speak to them again.


Nuts: Cashews, almonds, Brazil nuts, peanuts. These are just a few of the delicious nuts that we are lucky enough to be able to eat in this world. Oh, and they won’t make you gain a pound. You want to eat nuts in their most natural state though in order to get the most benefit, which means unsalted and UN-roasted. If you have never had this type of nut before I assure you that you can make tons of delicious recipes with them.


Coconut Oil: Remember how popular George Foreman grills were at one time? Why? Because products like this drain the unwanted fat from your diet, rendering everything you cook in them “healthy”, right?


Say it with me…the fat in my food is not making me fat.


Coconut oil is not only great to cook with, but it has tons of other uses and great reasons to use it.


Coconut: I become outraged when I see people telling other people to avoid eating certain fruits or vegetables because of their fat content. This is insanity. There is not one single thing that is wrong with eating fresh coconut. If that coconut is dipped in chocolate and coated with sugar then yes, it is not going to help your health or weight, but in its natural form it will not hurt you one bit.


With all of this being said, you do want to avoid the kinds of fats that you will find in red meat. Red meat is high in saturated fatty acids, which you do not want. So just to be 100% clear, I am not telling you to go out and eat ground beef that is a 90/10 mix thinking that you are eating “lean” and therefore “healthy”. If you have been paying attention (and I know you have) you know that just because a food is labeled lean or fat free or reduced fat that does not make it healthy for you.



Healthy eating tip 8: Avoid sugar as much as you possibly can!

sugar causes obesity and disease

Sugar is the reason you are fat. It is the reason your neighbor is fat and it is the reason your boss is fat. Sugar is the reason you very likely know someone with diabetes, or who is developing diabetes. Sugar is the reason you are sick, and is the reason your body is shutting down more every day.


Sugar is not innocent!


Facts About Sugar:


1) A 20-oz soda has 15 – 18 grams of sugar in it. This is about 4 teaspoons of pure sugar in case you are counting. If you drink 1 – 2 of these a day you are increasing your risk of diabetes by 26%


2) The sugar in that soda or ice cream that people love so much turns directly into fat once it enters your body. It serves no other purpose other than to be turned into fat.


3) Sugar is everywhere and it is killing you and everybody you know!


4) If you are a man and consume 1 sugary drink per day, you increase your risk of having a heart attack by 20%


5) If you are a woman and do the same, you have a 75% increased chance of developing gout. Please don’t think that this means you are off the hook for diabetes, heart attack, stroke or any of the other countless illnesses brought on by too much sugar in your diet!


“But isn’t high fructose corn syrup safe for me? Those commercials say it is!”


All refined sugar and sugar substitutes are terrible for your health and your weight. Of course the corn syrup people are telling you that their version is safe…they want to sell you a lot of it!


Other names for sugar that you definitely want to avoid:


1) Organic sugar

2) Agave nectar

3) High fructose corn syrup

4) Beet syrup

5) Coarse sugar

6) Dextrose

7) Crystal dextrose

8) Date sugar

9) Glucomalt

10) Maize sugar


Do you need more? Here is a growing list of 310 other names for sugar, all of which you want to avoid if you want to feel great.



Healthy eating tip 9: Salt is bad, avoid it no matter what or you will die!!! (Sarcasm warning)

Himalayan salt is safe to eat

Sorry about that. I figured you wouldn’t keep reading if I said “Eat more salt”. The truth is, if you have the right kind of salt you don’t need to worry about all of those things you have heard about salt. In fact, if you listen to the information that is out there about salt and limit your intake you could be in for a lot of health issues.



When I say “salt” I am talking about natural salt. I am NOT talking about Morton’s (or any other brand) chemically processed “table salt”.


“Shut up loser, salt is salt.”


Salt is definitely not salt, and here’s why.


Why the human body NEEDS salt:


1) Salt carries nutrients in your body in and out of your cells

2) The levels of salt in your body help regulate your blood pressure

3) Salt increases glial cells in your brain which in turn provide oxygen and nutrients to your neurons

4) Salt helps your brain send signals to your muscles so that you can do everything you do in your life


Look at this list for a second. Science is not going to create any vitamin that will do for your body what salt does. And why should it…since we have SALT already available to do the job.


Salt Myths:

Lowering sodium intake reduces blood pressure.

In a 1987 study it was shown that of the 82 individuals (36 men and 46 women) who participated in eating a lower sodium diet for 3 months that their blood pressure was not significantly lowered while on the restricted sodium diet. Furthermore, age seemed to play more of a factor than sodium intake.


In a 1988 study of 10,079 men and women it was shown that there is no direct relationship between lowered sodium intake and blood pressure. In fact, it was found in the stud that individuals who ate MORE salt had lower blood pressure.


In the 1997 DASH-Sodium study it was determined that the best way to effectively lower blood pressure was to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in saturated fats, not through eliminating salt from the diet.


“OK salt is healthy, but which kind?”


Salt you want to AVOID: Table salt, Dead Sea salt (high in bromide), sodium, monosodium glutamate (MSG)


Salt you CAN eat: Himalayan salt, celtic sea salt, Icelandic salt


Why is some salt better than others?


When you take a healthy substance that is natural to our planet and add a chemical and/or a manufacturing process you are most often times left with something that is a bastardized version of its former self. Basically…we screw it up by trying to make it “better” or “healthier”


Let’s look at some examples of this.


1) Coca/cocaine: One of these products is a leaf that people have been chewing on safely for centuries to help with stomach issues, fatigue, hunger or to stop bleeding or a wide number of other ailments. The other one is a dangerous drug that has been chemically processed in a lab


2) Corn: Corn is a grain that while not the best superfood you can eat is relatively harmless in its original corn form. But once people started processing corn and making high fructose corn syrup to put into almost every single thing you eat….do I need to tell you the rest?


A good and healthy salt is free from the hands of people other than the simple mining of it. There is no chemical process to remove iodine or essential trace elements. There is no sodium added and there is not genetic modifying of its structure. You eat it as it comes out of the earth and you get the benefits that are intended.


Ordinary “table salt” (most anything you are going to find in your local discount grocery store) is not like this at all. It has been chemically altered so that the trace minerals are no longer there. The only thing that is left in this salt is sodium and chloride, which your body simply does not respond to.



Healthy eating tip 10: Avoid all processed foods.

Avoiding processed foods is great for your health

By now you should be getting the hang of this, right? Not yet?


The reason that avoiding processed foods is going to do wonders for your weight and your health is really simple. Processed foods have chemicals, added sugar, SALT and a ton of other crap in them that has zero nutritional value. You don’t need to count calories in processed food, or fat grams…you need to 100% avoid these terrible foods. They have been chemically ENGINEERED to be addicting and delicious so that you will eat more of them.


So what if they are “low fat” or “reduced fat” because when it comes to your health those words means nothing good. Low fat means more sugar, and more sugar means more fat, period. These foods are missing the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body is starving for right now.


Do you even know why your body wants to hold onto extra weight? It is quite scientific, but I can explain it very simply for you.




1) Your body needs vitamins, nutrients and minerals to live


2) Your body is not getting ANY of these from processed foods


3) Your body thinks it is starving like it did in times when food was scarce for our ancestors


4) Because your body thinks it is starving, it holds onto extra body fat to prepare for a long winter (as it would have done in past generations)


5) You get fat


6) You eat more “healthy” food, which is loaded with everything on earth EXCEPT vitamins, nutrients and minerals


7) You get fatter


8) You switch to a plant based diet and your body stops storing weight


9) You start feeling better than you have in years and weight loss is automatic and easy


10) You wonder why you have been lied to all this time


This is it! This is as simple as weight loss needs to be. This IS the secret to why you and so many other people are fat. I don’t say this to body shame or make fun. I USED TO BE FAT TOO!


I say this because I am tired of the bullshit that morons like “Dr.” Oz spew out everyday. You don’t need an expensive fruit extract to lose weight and you don’t need some stupid pill. You need vitamins, nutrients and minerals. It could not be any easier if I am being 100% honest with you right now, and I am.



Healthy eating tip 11: Stop listening to “experts!

Dr Oz gives bad weight loss advice


Who am I anyway? Am I a registered dietician or doctor? No, I am not. Am I a weight loss expert? YES I AM!!


I am a weight loss expert because I lost weight, I kept it off and I will NEVER GAIN IT BACK IN MY LIFE! I am a weight loss expert because if you follow me and listen to what I have to say and take action in your life you will be a weight loss expert too. So called weight loss experts have a lot to say if it means selling you the newest scam that isn’t going to help you in any way.


And I know it’s very confusing because so many experts are saying the same thing, while so many others are saying something else. And your mom says something else. And your friend (who struggles with weight) says something else. And your personal trainer says something else. In fact, they all spew out the same weight loss myths that are total garbage.



Healthy eating tip 12: Keep learning new information and making new changes


This is the most important tip you can ever read. If you add steamed broccoli to your dinner twice a week and make no other changes you will not make any real progress in your health or your weight. The key is to always keep learning what will make you the healthiest you can be and continue building on it. Did you know that until very recently I still thought salt was bad!


I knew that table salt was very bad, and that sea salt or other types of salt were better, but had no idea the extent of how much better they are. So I learned, and now I am helping you learn. When I first started my journey to better eating I remember not having much to snack on at all. I figured everything was bad for me or made out of bird seed. But as I learned more I found tons of snack foods that are so good it’s unreal.


That wouldn’t have happened if I just said “this sucks and it’s boring and I give up” like a little baby would it? But it didn’t, because I am still learning something new every single day and putting that information to good use.



And you can do it too!



So…what IS healthy eating?

Olestra Chips do not help you lose weight

Healthy eating means doing your own research and using common sense. I have met people who truly think that a diet of nothing but plant based foods is not healthy and will make me sick. I talk to people constantly who believe that a “low fat” Hot Pocket is a healthy alternative. And I know it is confusing with so much bad information out there, but you will figure it out.


When your body is dropping extra pounds without hardly any effort (except a change in attitude) you will see that when you eat right your body will take care of itself. If you put gas in a car it will drive, and if you put the right fuel in your body it will shed excess weight. It will realize it is not starving and it will stop preparing for famine by keeping fat.


Healthy eating is not eating shit you find in a box with 49 different ingredients that you can’t spell or pronounce. Healthy eating is eating food that comes from our planet, but without screwing it up and making it the worst thing you can eat.


Healthy eating will change your life forever if you eat plant based foods and stop buying exotic fruit extracts from scammers.


Healthy eating BONUS TIP: Avoid “diets”


Have you ever seen a diet with a trademarked name being sold on TV? Of course you have…every 2 seconds of everyday. There are all meat diets, low carb diets, pizza diets, low fat diets, high calorie diets and every other type of diet you can think of out there. So why is obesity still rising? Why are people getting even fatter? Do you think it is because maybe “diets” don’t work?



Weight loss fad diet ads

But why? The reason diets don’t work is very simple. When you go “on a diet” what happens? You stop eating certain things for the purpose of losing weight. Some phony expert says that carbs make you fat, so you stop eating carbs and starting eating tons of steak and chicken. Your body reacts to that by eliminating water weight and you feel good because you are losing weight, right?


Then you realize that eating a steak for every meal isn’t really normal, so you go back to eating whatever you want. This is when the weight comes back on doesn’t it? So you start another diet and follow their rules. You follow the plan and count those calories and maybe you lose a few pounds. But sooner or later you end up going off of the diet and gaining all the weight back AND some more extra weight.



This cycle is endless when you realize a new diet comes out every day of your life. A whole foods diet is not “a diet“. The word diet in this type of eating means “everything you eat every day” not “the stuff you are doing without right now to lose weight”…and it makes a huge difference. When you adopt a plant based diet full of healthy foods that your body literally can not live without there is not going back to “regular” food. The regular food IS the plant based diet. It is what you eat every single day for the rest of your healthy and long life.


You don’t go on a plant based diet for 2 weeks and then go back to pizza and steak. And if you do guess what happens? You instantly put the weight back on (because diet’s for short term success do not work) and you feel sick. Once in a while I have “normal” food if I am in a situation where I have to eat something and can’t make a great choice of food. This is rare, but it does happen. And every time it happens I feel sick afterwards….making it less likely I will eat like that ever again in my life for any reason.


I saw some friends yesterday who I haven’t seen in a while and they asked me “are you still on that diet”. I wanted to laugh, but I just said “yes” and went on with my day. The truth is though, I am not on “a diet”…I feed my body the diet of plant based foods that will allow me to live a healthy life free from obesity and related disease.



That is a diet that is very easy to stick to…


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