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Diet Vs Diet – How Dieting is Ruining Lives


Diet Vs. Diet: Which Diet are You On?


Are you looking to lose weight one time, for the rest of your life…or are you looking to continue struggling with your weight?


diet vs diet


This answer seems really simple, but I think most people either don’t know the answer, or they are choosing the second option. Let me explain what I mean with this already.


The word diet is probably the most hated word in our language at this point don’t you think? You associate it with starving and counting calories, carbs, fat grams, saturated fat and the list goes on.


If you are going to be eating a plant based diet though, you don’t need any of that nonsense. There is no need to count calories. There will be no need to look at fat grams or grams of carbohydrates.


Why? Simple.


Because if you are eating a plant based diet, these things will no longer mean anything to you. Once you are not eating processed foods as part of your daily diet you won’t have to waste your time dealing with their various levels of fat, calories, and other garbage they are filled with.


It makes no difference how many grams of carbs or fat broccoli has. You can eat as many plant foods as your stomach can handle, and it will never do anything bad for you in any way, period!


You will not be “on a diet” because your “daily diet” will consist of the healthiest foods you can find, and that other dirty word won’t have a meaning to you any longer.


Imagine this…


Your friend, who has been struggling with weight her whole life is on another fad diet. This week she will be cleansing for 4 days, then for another week she will eat nothing but hard boiled eggs and water, and then for 3 months after that she will eat only pizza. When the 3 months are up, she is going to be sick and she WILL weigh more than when she started.


You on the other hand…


You will eat as much of those good plant foods as you want. You won’t count anything, or worry about cheating. You also won’t be obsessed with losing 1 – 2 pounds in a week, only to gain it back plus some.


Can you see why being on a traditional diet is not the answer, but eating a diet rich in the healthiest foods in the world is?


This is what I mean by diet vs diet.


You can use this to motivate you for a lifetime. When you feel like you want some food that you know has caused you to be sick, overweight and not feeling good most of the time, you can remember that you no longer have to worry about any of that. Your friend can diet all she wants, but you can sleep knowing that you are eating the perfect foods that your body is craving!



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Hello, My name is Wally and this is my plant based diet blog. I started a plant based diet 3 years ago and lost 70 pounds, and have kept it off. I want to help you start and thrive on a plant based diet too.