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5 Ways A Plant Based Lifestyle Will Make You Feel Better This Week

Do you even know what a plant based diet or lifestyle is? I remember not having any clue what any of this stuff meant. But now I have learned and want to share with you some information. Here are 7 ways a plant based lifestyle (diet) will make you feel better this week.


5 ways a Plant based diet will make you feel better


1) Constipation relief – I know, who the hell wants to talk about this, right? Well, who cares…we are trying to feel better. Once you are in the mode of eating a lot of plant based foods your digestive system takes quite a different turn. I remember having pretty much every issue when I ate “normal” foods. I was constipated sometimes, and couldn’t stop with the runs some other times.


The fact is, your life will become a lot better when these things are no longer something you have to think about.


2) Weight Loss – This should be the first item on the list, but it is not a guarantee that you will lose any significant weight in 7 days, although it is absolutely possible. It really will depend on what you do as far as your eating. When I went to an all plant based diet I steadily lost weight at a pretty fast rate, maybe about 15 pounds a month or more. I lost 12 pounds in the first 6 days from juicing vegetables for all of my meals.


That may be extreme for some people, but it worked quite well for me. The reason I can’t say “you will lose weight 100% if you go on a plant based diet” is that I don’t know what you would be eating. Sugar is completely allowed on a plant based diet in the minds of some people, and sugar is really not a help to any weight loss or better health efforts.



3) You will feel better – Ok, I know this sounds really generic, like those stupid lists you normally see with bad tips that don’t work. This one you will have to feel, not read. I can’t explain what happens when you start eating this way, but it is such a different feeling you may not even recognize it. Your thoughts become clear and you start feeling like you are finally making progress.


Did you ever feel ANY progress on a typical low fat or low calorie diet? Me neither. The only thing that I ever felt when I ate the old way was frustrated and fat and bloated and gross. Within just a few days of eating a plant based diet I already started to feel like the food I was eating was helping my body, not hurting it.



4) You will have a positive impact on the environment — If you are eating a plant based diet, I am assuming that you are not going to eat meat. If you look around this website you will notice that I am not on a mission to stop people from eating meat at all. Don’t get me wrong, I am against it for my personal diet, and my new-found belief system, but what you do is your business.


meat eating carbon footprint


For me, I know that eating “lean” meats like turkey and chicken did not in any way contribute to any weight loss. I also know that humans do not need meat to survive, and for those reasons I do not eat it. If you are not going to eat meat, than you will be helping your environment quite a bit. PETA reports that every vegan (or anyone who just doesn’t eat any meat) saves 198 animals per year. If you think about it, that’s pretty awesome right?


But that’s not all, not hardly. Do you know what a carbon footprint is? Well, it’s sort of like the impact you leave on our planet while you are here. And eating meat leaves quite a footprint, let me tell you. To put it very simply, the meat that humans eat causes more greenhouse gasses to be let out into our atmosphere than industry or travel. That’s quite a bit if you really think about it.


This comes from cow farts mostly, but the transportation of the grain to feed these animals, and then transport their meat to your local grocery store and the water for them to drink and the tractors to till the land and so on and so on.


5) Enlightenment – This will not have full effect in one week, but you will feel the beginnings of enlightenment.


What do I mean? I’m glad you asked.


What I mean is that you will finally know the secret to weight loss. Until now, it has been a huge mystery hasn’t it? You counted calories. You went to the gym for hours. You ate low fat foods, and low calorie foods. You took supplements and pills and liquids and shakes. You ate pre-fabricated frozen meals.


But did you ever lose a damn pound? Of course you didn’t, and if you did it always came back didn’t it?


Now you will have the secret. You will know that for the rest of your life you will never gain weight, and even if you did you would know exactly how to get it back off. That is really powerful if you think about it. You will have knowledge that most people simply do not have these days.



The truth is, this list could have been much bigger. But I wanted to give you a small block of information to help you get into the mindset of eating healthy and having some good reasons to do so. Forget all of those weight loss tips that suck, you now have a purpose to eat better, right?


Leave me a comment below if you have any questions about a plant based diet and I will be happy to answer them for you. I know this is confusing at first, but it really doesn’t have to be.


Cheers, and happy eating!




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