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My 600 Pound Life: Penny – Would a Plant Based Diet Help Her?

Last night on “My 600 Pound Life” Penny, who was on the show last year was revisited to see how she was doing. As I watched this woman lose no weight at all, or hardly any I wondered if a plant based diet would help her get rid of a few hundred pounds.My 600 pound life Penny


But for someone like Penny, I don’t think it would at all. The catch with any weight loss or better eating health plan is that you have to want to make a change. If you feel like you are eating perfectly but somehow are gaining hundreds of pounds (and you don’t know why) you are probably not going to give any type of diet or eating plan much of a try.


And this is Penny. If I can pretend to know Penny from watching her on a TV show, I can say that she seems very much like a person who has never taken responsibility for anything in her life. As she lays in bed eating terribly unhealthy food and gaining weight, she comments that her “progress” is going well and she is confused by all of these setbacks she is having.


Penny wouldn’t eat a whole foods diet, or a paleo diet or a low fat diet or any other type of diet. And the reason for this is simply because in her mind, she doesn’t need to bother with any of that. She already thinks her diet is healthy and that weight loss isn’t happening because she is unlucky. I am not going to pretend that I have a deep understanding of eating disorders because I don’t.


Penny clearly has an eating disorder in my opinion. She is addicted to food and seems like she will do anything to get the sugary foods she loves. She loves food and nobody is going to tell her what food to eat or how much of it to eat, and I guarantee you she wouldn’t site and eat a plate of broccoli in her current condition. It’s unfortunate that this last episode of “My 600 lb Life – Where are they now” she spends a lot of the episode preparing to go out trick or treating with her son.


I personally would be totally blown away if she even makes it till next Halloween. I don’t say that to be mean or sound like some kind of jerk reporting on weight loss news and trying to be controversial…I say it because it’s 100% what I believe. Penny seems to be eating her way to an early grave and is blaming every one and everything on earth for her problems except for her.


If you haven’t watched “My 600 Pound Life” it really is pretty inspirational. Many of the people on the show start out with negative attitudes and many do not. Almost none of them are as bad as Penny though, and to watch her fills me with rage. I know it’s not really her fault, and I personally think she would benefit from a lot of mental health help in her life. Yes, she is eating massive amounts of food and eating all of the wrong foods, but at the core of it is her attitude.


What do you think? Did you see Penny’s episode? Leave a comment below to get this discussion started.


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