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Is Healthy Weight Loss a Myth That You’ll Never See Happen to You?

What Is a Healthy Weight Loss “Diet”?


What is a healthy weight loss diet? To many people, a healthy weight loss involves going to the gym for 4 hours a day and sweating out the fat in their body, but not changing the way they eat. For others, it means eating fewer calories than they burn for a slow weight loss of 1lb a week.

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For me, it means something different than both of those options. The minute that I started eating food that my body was craving I started losing weight. And at the beginning it was 1 – 2 pounds per DAY. Most doctors and medical “experts” would probably say that losing weight like that isn’t healthy at all, but I wouldn’t agree with them for one second.


And why would I?


These are the same people who are telling people to base their diet on the outdated food pyramid which, let’s face it, isn’t helping anybody in this world lose a single pound! If I am eating food that is 100% good for me, and my body is shedding weight because it finally recognizes that I am not starving (at the cellular level) and it doesn’t need the fat for reserve any longer, what could be unhealthy about that?


Everyone has such a different idea of what healthy really is, especially when it comes to weight or weight loss. I don’t claim to have all of the answers, but as far as I am concerned, I have found a lot of them. The idea of trying to sweat out weight at the gym and how most people would consider that to be a healthy practice is beyond me. I’m not saying going to the gym or exercising in any way is not healthy at all though.


All I am saying is that forcing your body to lose fat when it doesn’t really want to (or feel like it needs to) is not healthy in my opinion. When you start eating the foods that your body is craving, you won’t believe how fast the weight comes off. And what’s even better than that is that if you can’t get to the gym for 12 hours a day, it doesn’t matter one bit.


To me, a healthy weight loss is simply losing weight by eating right and not having that extra weight on your body damaging your heart, back, knees etc. To me, nothing is more unhealthy than being obese and eating a bunch of “lean” meat and cooked-to-death vegetables in an effort to lose a few pounds. And if you have ever tried that method of eating “healthy” foods like lean meats and lots of “low-fat” foods, then you know there’s nothing easy about losing weight that way anyhow.


It is possible to eat healthy for your body. When you do this, your body will reward you with weight loss that is as healthy as any other way you can imagine, and more healthy than any fad diet bullshit out there!



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