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Do You Need Weight Loss Surgery to Lose Weight?

Do You Need Weight Loss Surgery to Lose Weight?


Obesity rates are through the roof. The size of bags of chips and steaks are also growing at an alarming rate. Because of these things, and the insane amount of sugar that is being added to every single thing that people are eating, and no wonder so many folks are asking themselves, “do I need weight loss surgery?”. Do I need weight loss surgery


I am not a doctor. But I can tell you right now, that I know more about weight loss than any doctor selling weight loss surgery to the general public. Losing weight is easy once you know how and what to eat so that your body sheds excess pounds faster. So today when I saw an article titled “There’s no Substitute for Expert Weight Loss Surgeons” I about had a fit.


The kind of people who are telling the public that the only way to look better and feel better is by having dangerous, invasive and expensive surgery? That is goddamn absurd if you ask me, and even though you didn’t I’m telling you anyway. I’m sure there are circumstances where to save a persons life they may require weight loss surgery, but this should never be the end-all fix for anybody’s weight problems.


The thought that someone would spend $10,000+ on a surgery that could kill them, only to continue eating sugary food makes me want to scream. To be fair though, this article was advertising a group of Beverly Hills surgeons, and of course their target audience can spend endless money to look “healthier”. For us normal people though, there is NO NEED for bullshit weight loss surgery!


Do you know how much sugar Americans are eating these days? The answer is 152 pounds a year. This comes to 42.5 teaspoons of sugar, every single day. Is it really such a secret as to why people are so fat and sick? And if you have weight loss surgery and continue eating all that sugar, do you think the weight will stay off? Do you think that you will be healthy eating all that sugar just because you have a rubber band on your stomach that makes you feel full quicker?


I don’t think people realize that being thin does not equal being healthy. Sugar and chemicals are killing everybody, and surgery is never ever going to be the answer. If you want to be free from fat and misery, there is only one answer, and that is eating the right kinds of foods period.


Surgery won’t fix the root problem, and neither will some shitty miracle pill that doesn’t work. Weight loss is so easy, but you have to get your information not from Beverly Hills surgeons looking to make endless money from people, not help them in any way!



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