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Top 5 Plant Base Diet Benefits That Will Improve Your Life

Top 5 Plant Base Diet Benefits That Will Improve Your Life


Whether you are just starting a plant based diet, or thinking about trying one, I’m sure you want to know what your benefits are going to be, right? Well, to give you a great head start on your new way of eating, here are the top 5 plant based diet benefits that will help you get started toward a healthier life.

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You Will Be Healthier:

This is obvious to some, but surprisingly not to others. There are people who don’t think that a plant based diet is healthy at all, and I’ve met quite a few people who even believe it is unhealthy. But the truth is that eating in this way is going to give your body what it has been starving for for a long time. Just by not eating meat, and especially not eating red meat you are fueling your body with vital nutrients and vitamins that are literally the building blocks of life.


You Will Lose Weight:

I’m sure you are sick of hearing people say that. There are so many crappy products and pills and plastic balloons you can swallow to make you feel full it’s hard to see the truth sometimes. But if you want to cut through all of the hype, bullshit and pure lies, you won’t find anything better than a whole foods plant based diet to do it. When you give your body these nutrients it has been craving and missing all this time, it will start dropping weight.


Why? Simple! Because your body will finally get the hint that there is food around. In times of lean food, our ancestors packed on extra fat to get themselves through tough times. Today, most people have plenty of food, so why are our bodies still holding on to the weight? It’s really simple actually. Eating processed food, dairy and meat are only filling your stomach, not satisfying your cells.


You Will Feel Better:

This seems obvious, but I don’t think most people remember what it’s like to feel normal, or good. When you start dropping extra weight you will notice all kinds of things happening in your life. You will sleep better, you will move around better and you will not feel so crappy all the time. I remember how out of breath I would be at the top of the stairs, and that was at 250lbs.


I can’t imagine what people who are extremely overweight are feeling if I felt that way at half the size.

You Will Have Increased Self-Esteem:

This one is really easy. The minute you start losing weight your self-esteem will start to improve. Not just because you are fitting into the fit, or slim category of people, but because you are in control. To finally realize that you have total, and complete control over your body and weight is a feeling that is unlike any other you can feel. You will begin to see how truly confused everybody else is out there, eating low-fat foods (that are covered in sugar and chemicals) and huge hunks of meat for every meal.


You Will Discover Foods That Are So Good You Won’t Believe It:

I can’t stress this enough. In the very beginning of your plant based eating, you will feel like you are missing out on life. This is normal, and it will pass! Once you are fully used to eating more plant foods, you will start to enjoy things that are naturally sweet like you won’t believe. There are foods you can eat that are so delicious and sweet that you won’t believe nobody is eating them.


A plant based diet is not a typical “diet” in the sense that it is something you “go on”. Eating this way is a way of life. It is a change that you make, and make for good. After-all, why spend all of the time and energy changing the entire way you eat just to go back to hot pockets and chips after you lose the weight? In case you are wondering, yes, the weight will come right back once you go back to those foods.


I hope this gives you some inspiration. If you give plant based eating a try, you will see how great it can be. You will discover many more benefits than these five, and you will want to tell the world how they can feel better too.



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