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Is Gastric Balloon Weight Loss a Dangerous Nonsense Procedure?

What Is Gastric Balloon Weight Loss & Will It Solve Obesity?


There is a new weight loss balloon called the Obalon System, and it is surely making people talk about its benefits. Basically it is a balloon that you swallow instead of having dangerous surgery such as a gastric bypass operation. The balloon inflates in your stomach for up to three months after doctors inflate it, and serves to keep you feeling fuller so that you don’t eat.



So it must be a miracle cure for over-eaters and obese Americans all over, right? Of course not! This little balloon is just the latest in stupid ways that Americans will do anything to avoid eating right. On top of being probably the dumbest invention of our time, it also costs about $3,000 USD to have placed in your stomach. And how safe is this fancy balloon?

Gastric balloon weight loss pill

I personally will not be shocked to see in the coming months that these gastric balloons are causing all kinds of problems for people all over the place. There is absolutely nothing natural about putting a hunk of plastic right in your gut, where food is supposed to go. But what is more important to me is the message that a device like this sends to people.


When people are given the possible choice to have something inserted into their stomach that will make them feel full, they probably feel like they no longer need to do anything to take control of their own health. Even if it actually does what it says though, what is going to be the typical result? Weight loss? Declining obesity rates? A healthier world?


Gastric balloon pill


Of course not, and here’s why.


People are going to shove this stupid gastric balloon down their throat and then keep on eating the worst kinds of foods. Pizza will suddenly be considered “healthy” when a person feels full after having only 3 pieces instead of the usual 12 they would normally have. Why is it so hard to find weight loss information that simply teaches people what to eat, and why?


If you live in America, there is no need to get excited just yet though. The Obalon system is not approved in the United States for anything other than being an investigational drug. I wonder if during this investigation it will be found to be unsafe, ineffective and a total waste of money! Chances are, it will probably be available for sale in this country within a few months.


Anything so that people can avoid taking any responsibility for their own health always seems to hit the shelves with a fever in America, and no doubt this will be different. So what is the answer to weight loss if a plastic balloon isn’t the answer? The answer is to eat foods that your body is starving literally to death for right now. You simply can’t imagine what your body will do with excess fat once you begin treating it the way it wants to be treated.


In a world where people eat great food, there is no need for a gastric balloon!



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