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Weight Watchers Approved Foods: You Could be Eating Your Way to Obesity With Weight Watchers Approved Foods

Weight Watchers is one of the most trusted names in weight loss today. For most people, that means that any Weight Watchers approved foods must be healthy and great for weight loss, right?


No, not really. The other day I saw a container of Yoplait Light yogurt and noticed the Weight Watchers seal of approval on it. So I looked and sure enough, they endorse Yoplait Light yogurt for I guess weight loss and good health and all of that neat stuff.


Yoplait 10 grams of sugar


But there is nothing healthy about Yoplait Light yogurt. The truth is, most all yogurt, especially Yoplait is just going to make you fat and sick. But why? Isn’t yogurt one of the healthiest foods around, and isn’t it more healthy if it’s low fat?


No. Not at all. The thing about eating low fat foods is that it’s really not the way that anybody is losing any weight. Don’t you think by now that with all of these low fat or non-fat foods that Americans and other people around the civilized world would be slimming down? The truth is that’s not happening at all. The truth is that people are getting fatter and sicker.


Why is this? Is it from too much fat? It couldn’t be this because we have a ton of low fat foods. So what is the culprit behind the fattening of America?





It’s always sugar. Sugar is the reason people are sick and it is the reason people are fat. I know it was the reason I was fat, and I also know the second that sugar was out of my diet, at least a majority of it was, I lost weight faster than I ever had before.


I have a problem with sugar in our food supply if you haven’t noticed. I get a lot of negative feedback from people who basically tell me that I am stupid and that the entire obesity problem can be solved by cutting calories. Well, I’ve done all that and it didn’t work for me. It didn’t work for you and it didn’t work for your neighbor or their mother or anybody else either.


So, how much sugar is in one Yoplait Light cup?


10 grams


2.5 teaspoons


This may not seem like a lot until you realize that both the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association recommend no more than 6 total teaspoons of sugar per day, which is about 25 grams. If you were to eat one little Yoplait Yogurt for breakfast, you would be at almost half of your daily allowance and you would still have a full day of eating to go.


There is nothing at all healthy about sugar. If you are to believe that yogurt is a healthy alternative to other foods than it should be natural and without a bunch of added sugar that is going to trigger an insulin response in your body that is not healthy.


I am not here to slam Weight Watchers really, but I think this is crazy. Even if you don’t believe that sugar causes obesity or diabetes or heart disease or any number of diseases that it it has been linked to, you have to believe that it is not a food that human beings need to eat to be healthy. I know it is “natural” but the thing about that is this.


Sugar cane is natural. Sugar cane has fiber which makes that sugar really hard to get. But once it is processed into refined sugar, it is now very easy to get massive amounts of it. And that is far from natural. Besides, there are plenty of “natural” products on earth that can be very harmful to your health, so being natural shouldn’t be a reason to eat something.


The most important thing you can ever do when it comes to the food you eat is to be your own expert. The human body has no need for pure processed sugar, so why take it. Our body is an amazing thing, and it can make glucose (the true energy we need) out of ANY food, so there is simply not a need for sugar. So the next time you are about to eat a “healthy” food and it is loaded with 2 teaspoons or more of sugar, think about how healthy that product is before you eat it.


Doing this with every food you put in your mouth can save your life!




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