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Should You Take Weight Loss Advice From Your Fat Doctor?


obese doctor

Not my doctor, but not far off


If you are wondering if I am crazy for saying this, think about this for a second. My own family doctor is obese.


End of post!


Seriously though, he is not a healthy looking person at all. I don’t say that to be cruel at all, but so that if you are reading this you can step back a little bit and think about all of these weight loss experts and doctors out there. How many experts can there possibly be anyway? Millions? Thousands?


How about one. You!


You are a million times better of an expert about your body than your doctor could ever be. How can some stranger tell you what to eat to “feel better” when he doesn’t even know what to tell his own family to eat – or himself for that matter? This idea that if a person goes to medical school that makes them the #1 leading expert that should always be listened to is nonsense.


Do you have any idea how long doctors spend in medical school learning nutrition? About 20 hours or less, depending on where the doctor went to medical school. 20 hours. To give you an idea, when I worked as a pharmacy technician I had to complete 20 hours of continuing education every 2 years just to hold a worthless certificate that would allow me to count pills and put them into a bottle.


Is 20 Hours Of Nutrition Training Enough?



If the typical med student was spending 20 grueling hours studying the latest in healthy eating, then maybe I would have a different opinion, but likely not. But when you look at obesity rates in America it is really clear that most doctors do not have the best information to give to you so that you can be healthy. And if your doctor is like mine, you already know he or she isn’t hardly qualified to give much of any advice on the subject of weight loss.


I couldn’t imagine how angry any doctor reading this would be and what names they would call me. I don’t care. We have listened to what doctors have been saying in regard to weight loss for a long time, and the results are pure shit! What have you heard a famous celebrity doctor, or your own personal doctor or any other doctor say about weight loss that doesn’t work one bit?


  • Eat low fat foods
  • Eat lean meats (chicken, pork)
  • Avoid saturated fats
  • Don’t eat nuts (they are fattening they say)


All of this advice is pretty standard for most weight loss “experts”. And all of it is pure shit that will make you fatter, sicker and unable to lose even small amounts of weight in the long-term picture.


Aren’t Low Fat Foods Healthy?



The typical “low fat” food you buy at the grocery store is filled with deadly sugar. How do you think they remove the fat and still get people to eat it? Sugar is so bad for human health it’s not even funny, and food manufacturers are putting it in every single thing you are eating. So if you take a Dr.’s advice on eating healthy that means eating these foods, and gaining more weight!Low fat foods are not healthy


Nuts are perfectly healthy to eat. Saturated fat is not the main culprit in the fattening up of our planet. If you eat the right types of foods, you won’t have to spend one second thinking about saturated fat or calories or any of that nonsense any longer.


So the next time you are listening to a weight loss expert, whether or not he/she is a family Dr., a weight loss television doctor or your neighbor Karen, you have to remember the most important thing you can ever know.


YOU are your best doctor. You know what is best for your health, and you can lose all of the weight you want to without taking any advice from someone who is obese and has almost no training on the subject!






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