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Can You Lose Weight By Eating More?

Can you lose weight by eating?


This is probably the most important question of our modern times don’t you think? Let’s be real here for a minute. Eating is one of the best things about being alive, and whenever you can eat and lose weight, you are going to love being alive.


can you lose weight by eating


The truth is, if you want to eat as much food as you want to and still lose weight, you are going to want to pick the right kinds of foods. Do I mean a bunch of crazy diet foods or supplements or anything like that?




And I don’t mean that you have to eat nothing but celery because it has “negative calories”…what ever that even means. I don’t count calories, so I don’t have a clue what a negative calorie is or if it is even a real thing or not. But there’s no reason to worry about that anyway, because I am talking about…


…eating REAL food!


The best part about eating a plant based diet is that you can freakin’ stuff yourself silly every day and you never gain weight. You also never feel bloated and sick and gross, so it’s like a triple win really. So, how do you eat and still lose weight? It’s really simple to be truthful.


I know you may be wondering where I am going to do my calories in vs calories out math to figure all of this out. But I dont’ want to fuss with any of that garbage today. I am a 100% believer that if you eat the right foods, calories don’t matter one bit. In fact, it is very easy to count calories and eat a bunch of terrible food that is loaded with sugar.



And the choices you have are endless, so you can eat all sorts of foods and still lose weight. Now imagine this for just a minute…



You wake up and eat your breakfast. Then you snack a little bit while you wait for lunch to happen. As soon as it’s lunch time, you are ready to eat, so you go and make yourself a delicious lunch that isn’t going to make you fat for one second.


After lunch, have a little bit of a snack. After my after-lunch snack I take it easy for about an hour, and then I like to have another snack just to make sure I am going to be ready to eat dinner. I would hate my eating muscles to get out of touch with my needs!


Am I being truthful here? I am. I do this every single day. I eat and I eat and then I eat dinner. And after dinner I have a chocolate shake that is healthy, filling and the best tasting thing you can imagine. And sometimes at night, I have a piece of toast with peanut butter, banana slices, coconut oil and hemp seeds. If that doesn’t sound very good to you, you may think differently soon.


The fact is, I love eating. I encourage you to EAT! Most “diet” advice is terrible, isn’t it? They tell you to count those stupid calories and starve half to death and for what? So you can lose 2 pounds every 3 months and become so frustrated you quit and go back to gaining more weight?


That sucks if you ask me! I won’t ever tell you to eat less. I love eating, and think that eating is a really great thing to do. And when you are eating the worlds best foods, you can absolutely have as much of them as you want.


So, can you lose weight by eating? I am living proof that you can, and I am also proof that it can be enjoyable, and not a prison that most diet scams will have you do.


Around here…we eat!


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