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Harvard’s Obesity Pill Promises To Confuse People About Obesity and Health

Do researchers at Harvard think they have found the cure for obesity, or is this more nonsense from the medical community?

Researchers at Harvard believe they have discovered the secret to losing weight and combating obesity. The secret behind the obesity pill would lie in two molecules that have the ability to transform white fat cells or ‘good’ cells to brown fat cells or ‘bad’ cells. White fat cells are stored by the body as lipids and contribute to our body fat, while brown fat cells are used by the body to generate heat. Chad Cowan, an Associate Professor at Harvard University when speaking about the obesity pill said that, “it’s the first step toward a pill that can replace the treadmill.”


“We look forward to working with the FDA as they complete their review of Saxenda. Obesity is a serious public health issue in the US and we are committed to making Saxenda a new treatment option for adults with obesity.

I already know this pill will not work for the long-term and will likely not work for most people. As long as the focus on obesity is on a quick and easy fix, I dont’ really think anything is going to help matters very much. There is this idea that having excess fat is unhealthy and losing that fat is healthy.


That’s a tiny part of a much bigger story though. A pill that turns one type of fat cell into another type of fat cell is not going to do anything for your health. If you are obese with diabetes then you are sick on the inside. When you eat foods that are loaded with sugar this causes your body’s insulin to go crazy and flood your body with all kinds of the hormone, causing a whole lot of problems. Being obese is to be sick, and removing the fat is not automatically going to make your overall health better.


This idea that we can take a pill and continue to eat foods that have no nutritional value and everything is going to be ok is pure insanity to me. At the end of the day this pill is nothing more than a way to make money from people who have no idea how to lose weight. And the reason that so many people have no idea how to lose weight is because of all of the bad information available to most people.



Harvard is not the only institution concerned about growing obesity rates. In fact, obesity pills seem to be the newest trend in this line of research. In September,

Just because there is a trend toward weight loss miracle pills, does this mean that we should keep trying to make them? Have you ever ran a marathon? If you have then you know that the reason that you were able to complete the almost 27 mile run is because you worked really hard and practiced constantly.


Now imagine that Nike came out with a new shoe that they said would make you win marathons whether you were a runner or not. Imagine Nike telling you that practice isn’t necessary when you have the worlds best miracle show on your feet. This is what a weight loss pill is. It will do nothing for your health and very likely won’t really do anything to those fat cells anyway.


If you are looking for something you can put in your mouth that will not only cure obesity, but will also help you become a much healthier person you don’t need Harvard for that. All you really need to do is head down to your local grocery store, head to the produce aisle and grab as many vegetables as you can get your hands on. Next, take them home and eat them and never stop eating them!


That is the cure to 0besity and poor health, and it’s approved by the FDA right this second.




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