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Which Weight Loss Experts Should You Listen to & Which are Insane?

Weight loss experts. There sure seems to be a ton of them in this obese world, so which ones do you believe? I remember thinking that the first person that I should believe should be a doctor. Then when I realized that I see more obese doctors than healthy ones, I figured maybe that was not the best way to go.


My own personal everyday doctor probably weighs close to 400lbs no kidding. So why on earth would I ever, under any circumstance want to believe him when it comes to health, or weight loss, or diets?


Never is the best answer for that question….


What about weight loss doctors like you see on TV so much these days? I don’t know about you, but I don’t give a shit about some doctor that is on TV every day talking about the newest exotic fruit extract that costs a fortune and only works if you buy the concentrated form. But many people do listen to those types of people, and I don’t really understand that.


Think about it for a second. If this exotic fruit is so good and healthy for you, then why do you need the extract from it? Why do you need to order the special formula that some phony doctor came up with?


Why can’t you just eat the goddamn fruit?


This idea that just because some person went to medical school for a number of years that they know more about YOUR HEALTH than you do is crazy. I guarantee there isn’t a doctor on the planet that can tell me what is good for me any better than I can. But the reality is that most people will listen to the doctor or the weight loss expert that has experience in exercising a person until the fat is forced out of their body.


And they will believe them over anything else, and that is where I start to go a little crazy.


I know more about weight loss than my personal doctor does. I am fairly sure I know more about weight loss than most TV celebrity doctors too. That’s great that all of these famous doctors went to medical school, but they did not go to any nutrition school. In fact, many doctors receive very little training in med school when it comes to nutrition.


So why are we supposed to believe every thing they tell us when it comes to eating?


A few weeks ago somebody who I am very closely related to asked me what they should eat. The goal for this person was to lose weight, so I gave some fairly basic guidelines such as:


Stay away from meat as much as you can

Stay away from sugar completely if possible

Stay away from boxed and processed food as much as you can


Do Celebrity Weight Loss Doctors Know It All?


And a few days later what do I see this person eating? Meat, and boxed food…ugh. Then a few weeks later I hear about some “cleanse” by some TV famous celebrity doctor, who can’t possibly be an expert in weight loss, even though I know that is why he is so famous. Why is the word of a celebrity more powerful than mine, when it comes to this person…who we will call my mother.


I lost over 70lbs

I keep it off effortlessly

I have helped other people do the same


What has the TV doctor done? As far as I’m concerned, he’s done nothing! Big goddamn deal if you can trick people into buying some expensive fruit extract that promises to lower cortisol or whatever other nonsense is the newest fad for weight loss.


Here’s a rule of thumb that you can literally stake your health and life on:


If some asshole TV doctor tells you that a fruit extract will do magic for weight loss, just follow these steps and you can not lose.


Turn off the TV

Go to the store

Buy that fruit

Eat that fruit!


Why in hell would you need a fruit extract when you can eat the fruit? Do you think our planet has figured out how to grow things perfectly by now, or does science need to chemicalize all of this food for us?


The best weight loss expert you can ever listen to is YOU! Eat what is right, and you will lose weight. When you have done this for a period of time, you will see just how stupid all of this professional advice is, and you will get just as angry as I do when you hear about it on the TV.




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