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What Does Beet Juice Taste Like

Beet juice has a lot of health benefits. 

But what does it taste like?

After all, if it tastes horrible you aren’t going to want to drink it.

This is a guide to beet juice that you aren’t going to find anywhere else…from someone that drinks a lot of it.

Is Beet Juice Sweet or Bitter?

Beet juice is more sweet than bitter, but it also has an “earthy” taste. Some people say an earthy taste “tastes like dirt”.

Some people love earthy flavors and some don’t.

If you want to try beet juice but you don’t like earthy tasting foods you can always add the juice of a sweeter food like carrots to it for a much sweeter tasting juice.

You might think beet juice tastes a bit sweet or earthy, but unless you never eat or drink any sweet foods you probably won’t think it’s sweet.

Why Does My Beet Juice Taste Bad

If your batch of beet juice tastes bad it could be for a couple of reasons.

  1. You don’t like the taste of beet juice or you aren’t used to the taste yet
  2. You juiced some beets that were old and past their prime
  3. You didn’t mix the beet juice with another fruit or vegetable to improve the taste


Can You Mix Orange and Beetroot Juice?

If you don’t like the taste of plain beetroot juice you can mix it with all kinds of fruits and vegetables, including oranges.

Orange juice is naturally sweet so if you mix orange with beet juice you will end up with a juice that will taste great.

Just be careful how much orange juice you add to your beet juice because 1 orange has 9 grams of sugar. The recommended daily maximum for sugar is around 25 grams a day and you should try to limit your liquid sugar as much as possible.

Do Beets Taste Good Raw?

When you make beet juice you will want to use raw beets and not cooked beats. Cooked beats will be mushy and won’t have the water in them to make juice.

So if you are drinking beet juice, then you are drinking raw beets. Whether or not you think raw beets taste good will be a matter of your personal taste.

What Does V8 Beet Juice Taste Like?

I have not had V8 brand beet juice so I couldn’t say what it tastes like. If I had to make a guess though it will not taste very much like fresh beet juice that you make yourself. 

If you want to try beet juice but don’t want to make it yourself you could start by trying some V8 brand beet juice first, but it probably won’t taste like home juiced beets.

Is It Better to Eat Beets Raw or Juice Them?

I like to juice beets instead of eating them raw because I do not like the taste of eating beets. You might love eating beets though.

If you love eating beets then eating them will be the better option for you. There are some benefits to eating beets over juicing them though.

Eating beets is a great source of dietary fiber, while juicing beets removes much of the fiber in them. Eating beets can also make you feel full due to the added fiber.

If you want more beets in your diet and are worried about feeling hungry then you will probably want to eat them vs juicing them.

How Much is Too Much Beet Juice per Day?

Don’t go crazy drinking gallons of beet juice every day because you could risk developing gout or making it worse if you already have it.

Beets have oxalates in them which can increase uric acid in your body, which can then lead to gout.

If you are going to drink beet juice stick to a normal serving of about 1 cup of beets. If you want more volume of juice you can look for other fruits or vegetables to add to the beet juice.

Do Beets Cleanse the Liver?

Experts warn that any product or food that promises to “cleanse” your liver is likely not true.

There are things you can do to prevent your risks for liver problems, but there are no products or foods that exist that are proven to “cleanse” your liver.

The best thing you can do for for a healthier liver is to avoid alcohol and processed foods high in sugars. Low fiber, high sugar foods have been shown to increase your odds for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Simply put, there is not a cleanse that is going to save your liver if it is damaged, so take care of it the best you can to avoid problems in the first place.

Does Beet Juice Make You Smell?

I drink beet juice daily and have never been told that I smell. But beets do have something in them called methyl which apparently can break down in your system and cause you to sweat a fishy smell. 

This sounds pretty gross so if you are worried about smelling after juicing beets you may want to avoid them.

But like I mentioned, I have never smelled this odor or been told that I stink after drinking beet juice so you might not have any issues at all.

Can You Buy Beetroot Juice in the Supermarket?

V8 Brand juice makes a beetroot and ginger juice that you can buy and if you have a specialty store in your area like Whole Foods or Sprouts you will probably be able to find some beet juice that you can buy.

Because fresh beet juice is only good for a short time (24-48 hours max) this store bought juice will have preservatives and other ingredients that you might not want in your juice.

With juicing getting more popular every day you should be able to find beet juices in the store, but just be aware they will most likely have more than just beets in them.


Can You Drink Beet Juice All Day?

Use common sense when drinking beet juice. One glass will give you plenty of vitamins and minerals so there is no need to keep drinking it all day. Drinking too much beet juice could cause gout or make existing gout flare up.

Personally, I enjoy drinking some beet juice every day (mixed with other veggies) but it’s not good enough to want to drink all day long. If you are new to beet juice you won’t want to drink gallons of it.

If you feel like you want to drink unlimited quantities of beet juice it’s best to contact your doctor before doing that.


How Many Times a Day Can You Drink Beet Juice?

To avoid complications with gout or other liver issues associated with eating or drinking too much beet it’s best to drink beet juice once or twice a day.

Just because something like beet juice has many health benefits doesn’t mean you want to chug it all day long. Use common sense and drink a “normal” amount of beets.


How Long Does Beet Juice Last?

Beet juice is good for a maximum of 2 days in the refrigerator. If you drink beet juice regularly you will find that it tastes the best right after you make it. The longer it sits in the refrigerator the worse it starts to taste.

Making fresh juice can be a bit of work and effort but your taste buds will appreciate it the most if you make it fresh and drink it right away.


Do Beets Taste Good Raw?

This depends on your personal tastes. I do not think raw beets taste very good at all. I only drink beet juice when it’s mixed with other vegetables that round out the earthy taste of the beets.

You should try raw beets and if you like the taste of them, that’s the only opinion that matters.


Is Beet Juice Supposed to be Thick?

Beet juice should be thin and watery. If you are making your own beet juice at home and it’s “thick” this could mean you bought cooked beats or the beets are old and out of date.

Fresh raw beets should have a water-like juice that comes out of them.


Can Beetroot Juice Reduce Belly Fat?

There is no such thing as a type of food or juice that reduces belly fat. Diet scammers will have you believe that certain juices or foods “reduce fat” but the truth is that your entire diet needs to be filled with foods that nourish your body.

When your body gets what it needs then you will lose fat naturally.

But eating a diet full of processed foods and junk then adding some beets is not going to be a magic cure that will reduce fat.

Are Beets High in Sugar?

Beets are higher in sugar than some other vegetables but much lower than many fruits. An average beet contains about 8 grams of sugar.

To compare the sugar content in beets here is the sugar content of some other fruits and vegetables:

Apples – 19 grams of sugar

Banana – 14 grams of sugar

1 cup of grapes – 15 grams of sugar

Broccoli – 2.5 grams of sugar

Squash – 4 grams of sugar

Are Canned Beets as Good as Fresh Beets?

No. Canned beets will have salt and sugar added to them as preservatives and flavoring. The last thing you want in your diet is more added sugar!

You would not make beet juice out of canned beets so only use fresh beets when making juice.

How Many Beets do You Need to Eat to Lower Blood Pressure?

There is not a direct answer to this question. Blood pressure is a complex process and can not be controlled by adding one single food to your diet.

A diet rich in foods that protect your liver and feed your gut is the best thing you can do for your overall health.

Adding one single food to your diet is not likely to make any difference in your blood pressure as it is not part of the overall picture of your health.

Does Beet Juice Make You Sleepy?