​Want to Lose Weight Without Starving or Living at the Gym?


Hi fellow friend that struggles with weight…


Have you ever tried to lose weight the way that most “experts” tell you to do?


Do any of these crappy weight loss methods sound familiar?

Counting calories?

Weighing your food on a scale?

Working out for hours a day?

Cookie diets that don’t work?


The truth is most of this stuff doesn’t work in the long run. You may lose some weight but over time you get tired of counting calories and putting your meals on a scale.


After a while you end up with a list of foods you CAN’T eat that’s longer than the list of foods you CAN eat.


Do you want to constantly be told “you can’t have that”?


I bet not.


The truth is…you can eat tons of foods and lose weight (no really, it’s true if you know what foods to eat)


And you can do it without doing all of those things.


How do I know?


My name’s Wally and I lost 70 pounds by ignoring all of that crap. Read my story here if you need proof.


And you can do it too!


I tried all of that calorie counting and running miles a day crap. I never lost much weight, and I always gained it back when I stopped measuring, counting and weighing my food.


You can eat awesome foods, without weighing it on a scale…without counting a single calorie, and without spending your life at the gym.




And I can show you how.


No gimmicks. No fad diets. NO BS!


You eat good foods and you lose weight. It’s that simple and I guarantee you can do it.


Like I really promise you can.


No…I mean it, YOU CAN DO IT!


I’ll show you what crap information to ignore about diets (99% of diet experts have never struggled with weight) and what small pieces of information you really need to lose weight.


Just fill out the form below and I’ll help you every step along the way.


Let’s help you lose some weight together! I’ll be your weight loss buddy if you need one.

​Wally Brown

​Hi friend,

​I would like to help you with your weight loss. I know it's hard and there's a ton of useless information out there. I can help you though! I've gone through it and I figured out the easy way to lose weight.

You won't starve yourself, live at the gym or count calories all day either. Weight loss can be simple and delicious.

​Wally Brown

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