What do people struggle with on a plant based diet?

I can tell you what my biggest struggle(s) have been.

Recipes – I am not a chef. In fact I am not great at cooking, but I can do a little. If you do a search for some plant based recipes online you will find no shortage of them.

But what I notice is that a majority of the recipes out there are too complex. I don’t want to buy a bunch of really expensive ingredients that I may use once, just to make one dish.

I feel like a lot of people on plant based diets try to cook these super exotic creations with ingredients that a lot of people either don’t have access to or can’t afford.

I like simple. A vegetable stir fry with a really simple sauce is perfectly fine for me, so those are the types of dishes I am looking for.

But maybe my problem is that I am not that great of a cook, so I really HAVE to find very simple recipes.

Cheese (thanks for the idea Jae Hyun Li )

I’ve tried all of the fake cheeses out there and I have to say they suck. I would rather just do without then try to pretend I am eating something other than plastic when I eat vegan type cheeses. It’s great that they make them for people, but if you think they taste good you are doing better than I am.

Other than that, I would say dealing with people asking where I get my protein is a struggle…but I don’t really care.

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