If a plant-based diet is so powerful to prevent and even treat cancer, why do some vegetarians still develop cancer?


Wally Brown



A major issue in the world we live in is that people simply fail to see the big picture. We like to put people into groups and say “all of these people do ____”.

So it’s easy to look at the fact that vegetarians get cancer and assume that a plant-based diet must not be as good for you as plant based eaters claim.

Afterall, if people eating the worlds healthiest foods are still getting sick then that food must not be healthy, right?

This is where that big picture thing comes in.

A plant based diet can mean a lot of things.

It can mean that a person eats nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables and plant based sources of protein.

It can also mean that a person doesn’t eat any meat or dairy but also eats tons of junk foods.

For anyone that isn’t aware, there are plenty of junk foods that are classified as “Vegan”, and it would be a stretch to call any of them healthy.

In a related story, we know that Americans are now eating 152 pounds of sugar each year. We also know that since 1950, rates of obesity, cancer and diabetes have gotten much worse since the days where sugar was not in 77% of our food.

Does sugar cause cancer?

We do not know that yet, but the evidence for the idea that it may at the very least contribute greatly to it is seeing more light each day.

So my point here is that looking one part of an issue without seeing the bigger picture can lead one to believe that…

1) Vegetarians still get cancer and that

2) That means that a plant-based / vegetarian diet must not be all that people make it out to be.

There are actually a growing number of stories of people switching to a plant based diet, void of added sugars and junk food, that are reversing cancer in some individuals.

Some say this is junk science or otherwise a bunch of hooey. I say that I would bet my life on treating cancer with the worlds healthiest foods in a second before I would put chemotherapy into my body.

There are of course other factors outside of diet that could be a cause of any person developing cancer regardless of diet. Most of have heard of lifetime smokers that never developed cancer while new smokers get lung cancer.

The human body is not easy to figure out and researchers are not even close to having all of the answers.

So what’s the bottom line?

You could eat a plant based diet and cure your cancer or you could eat a plant based diet and still develop cancer.

For me though…I believe 100% in the power of fresh foods to cure disease and would welcome any peer research that suggests that a diet high in nutrients and low in added sugars and chemicals is actually a contributor to cancer.

I have a feeling I will never see that research though.

Whether or not you believe sugar is a disease causing culprit or not, it seems clear, at least to me, that the American diet high in sugar is not doing anybody any good.

If you are not sure how much sugar is recommended to eat and want to learn more you can check out my latest post here — How Many Grams of Sugar Should You Eat in a Day?


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