How do you ease into a vegetarian diet?

How do you ease into a vegetarian diet?


Wally Brown


I personally think it’s easier to go full vegetarian all in one day, but I do realize some people have trouble doing this.


For those people, a good way to slowly ease into the life style would be to find plant based / vegetarian recipes that look delicious and start eating them.

There are so many plant based foods that taste so good that I think most people will not pay attention to the fact that they are not eating meat.

Maybe start with 1 fully vegetarian dish for dinner a week. Then on the 2nd week add a 2nd new dish so that you are now eating 2/7 meals full vegetarian.

At this stage I would suggest dishes that are “meat like” or that resemble meat dishes. I don’t mean tofu burgers or anything like that though. For people new to eating vegetarian some meat substitutes are honestly not very tasty and may turn them off.

But there are dishes like Mexican quinoa with spices and beans that are so filling and so tasty that you don’t even pay attention to what you are eating.

I think a lot of people trying to switch to vegetarian diets think they have to eat nothing but salads and be hungry all the time. But that’s not the case at all. And once they realize there are filling dishes that are also amazing to the taste buds then switching gets a lot easier.

I also think that any type of diet (no matter what type it is) where the goal is to remove food items is difficult to do. Once you tell your brain that you “can’t have that” food it becomes more like torture and less like eating healthy.

So a way around that is to add foods instead of taking them away. The idea is that if you do this for a period of time you’ll have all these great veg dishes that you love and won’t think about meat so much.

At that point it may be a lot easier to make a full switch to vegetarian without having to “do without” the meat you have been so used to eating.


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