Does eating one meal a day really work for weight loss?

Does eating one meal a day really work for weight loss?

I think weight loss is so confusing and so hard for a lot of people because of the word “work”.

Let me explain.

Eating 1 meal a day would almost definitely work. If that one meal was 3 pizzas then probably not, but if it was a typical meal then weight loss would surely happen.

But just because something works doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do something.

Counting calories “works” but everyone who has ever tried it would say it sucks if they were being honest. Spending 5 hours a day in a gym certainly “works” for weight loss, but for most people it’s not possible and it’s definitely not fun.

So the question shouldn’t be whether or not something technically “works”. The question should be “does this method suck?”

Some other questions you could ask about any weight loss method:

  • Is it feasible long-term?
  • Is it sustainable?
  • Will I enjoy using this weight loss method in 10 years, or 10 weeks?

Is there a way to eat and lose weight?


Yes there is!

A lot of people live their lives by the rules of calories. Every waking second is spent counting calories and being miserable. I mean…it’s not any fun to weight your food and spend several minutes measuring just to get to some magical number of calories.

Besides, we now know that a calorie is not a calorie. All foods are not equal. 200 calories of donut is not equal to 200 calories of avocado.

One is filled with nutrients and vitamins and one is pure sugar. How can the body treat both of those 100% the same?

People will argue this because it’s difficult to change old thoughts, but common sense says that the human body can’t possibly treat ALL foods the same.

So anyway, I know that it’s possible to lose weight without counting calories and without worrying about how much food you are eating.

But the only way it works is if you eat fresh foods that your body is craving. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and other “whole foods” are what your body wants. And if you feed your body these foods it rewards you with good health and low weight.

And this can all be done without:

  • Counting calories all day
  • Starving yourself
  • Spending your life at the gym

So while starving yourself will “work” for weight loss, it’s not the best method in my opinion.

Who wants to do that anyway? Eating is fun and should be enjoyed. Food can 100% be enjoyed without constant fear of weight gain and calories falling withing some magical range of numbers.

It’s totally possible to eat food, enjoy life and not worry about the weight on the scale.

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