Advice on Health: I am 28 years old, vegetarian. My diet is very simple and I dont eat junk food, yet my tummy is quite chubby, what should I do to get rid of this stupid problem, pls help (read description)?

I think that Pona J has some really good advice actually.

I would skip any pill that is supposed to do anything related to weight loss…you don’t ever need those.

You also don’t need to avoid fat in food. You need fat to live and to be happy, so why eat foods without fat or take pills that make the fat absorb less? I don’t see a reason for that.

When I say that fat is good I mean healthy, natural fats of course. There is a huge difference between an avocado and a deep fried donut or cake.

The other thing I have to ask is, what do you drink? I think there are a lot of people who are overweight and sick and they don’t pay attention to what they drink.

Alcohol isn’t a problem because it is “empty calories”. Alcohol is a problem because the human body really has no nutritional need for it, and it pretty much causes your body to create fat cells.

Fruit juice isn’t unhealthy when it has more calories than “lite” fruit’s unhealthy because it is pure liquid sugar, and many times they add even more sugar to it.

And you say you are vegetarian, but you still can eat a lot of unhealthy foods and still be vegetarian. What kinds of foods do you eat in a typical week? Do you eat steamed or sauteed or raw vegetables, or do you eat breads and foods that have little nutritional value and much added sugar?

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